Tony Ferguson vs Kevin Lee …..vs Staph

Saturday october 7th, UFC 216, Tony Ferguson vs Kevin Lee.

Expected to be a didn't disappoint!

Kevin Lee walked into the cage after a brutal weight cut sporting a large welt on his chest, later to be identified by Joe Rogan as a Staph infection.  At this point for Lee the infection was in full force and fully visible by fans and of course Tony Ferguson. In classic ´El Coucoui” fashion, Ferguson took Lee into deep waters before drowning him with his relentless pressure and finishing him with a triangle from the guard.

Staph (staphyloccocus aureus), incredibly common among fighters, is a group of bacteria that can cause infection, which may lead to disease and in rare cases death. Staph is most commonly identified by swelling, redness, pus and tenderness. Among fighters and grapplers it is most commonly picked up from training partners or the mats after training. We have a higher chance of getting Staph if we have scrapes or cuts on our skin which, lets face it, is a given among fighters and grapplers.

How does Staph effect your training? Once Staph has been contracted treatment is most commonly antibiotics. This will completely drain an athlete's energy levels and force them to take time away from training in order to take care of the infection. Normally the treatment and antibiotic cycle will take anywhere from a week to a month or more to treat. In the case of Kevin Lee he opted not to take antibiotics for the fear of being too drained for the fight. He chose between two evils essentially. By not treating the Staph before the fight his energy levels were still drained compared to a healthy Lee. In addition to this he put Tony Ferguson at risk of contracting the infection. While calling the fight, Joe Rogan seemed surprised and concerned that the commission's medical team allowed Kevin Lee to fight with such an advanced case. Lee later explained that he tried his best to hide the infection.

How can you avoid Staph infection? Last week my knee popped when my coach used a single leg X guard to sweep me in training. I knew I would feel the effects later and for weeks to come but I held onto the stubborn mindset of a competitor and continued to roll for the rest of the class. In this case the more I rolled the more I suffered. This affected only me. With Staph and other skin infections you are affecting the whole gym and anyone you are close to, i.e. your spouse and kids. Preventing such infections is the BEST WAY to be sure you don't have to take time off of training.

Proper cleanliness and care for any and all wounds exposed during training is paramount!

GUARD YOUR SKIN. Staying clean before and after training with Vital Soap will significantly reduce the risks of contracting Staph. Our blend of essential oils are designed to combat mat funk before anything and penetrate your skin. Washing with Vital within 30 minutes of training is the best way to stay clean and to GUARD YOUR SKIN!!

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Happy rolling!